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Meet Julian

Hard work, honesty, and an outlook that values all life – these are the ideals that have shaped Julian Bradley into the person and State Senator that he is today.

Julian was born in Baltimore and spent his first 11 years in southern Maryland. Raised in poverty by a single mother of three, Julian and his mother relocated to Wisconsin in 1992. After graduating from Central High School in La Crosse, Julian began wrestling professionally on the independent scene and eventually attended Temple University in Philadelphia. Following his time in wrestling, Julian returned to Wisconsin and finished his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse while working full time for CenturyLink – a broadband & telecommunications company. Julian spent 15 years at CenturyLink, managing various departments in sales and operations, prior to accepting an Operations Management role with Northwestern Mutual in Franklin. In 2020, Julian was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate.

In his free time, Julian is an avid sports fan and enjoys giving back to the community. Julian has spent countless hours volunteering for the Salvation Army, United Way, various Community Thanksgiving Dinner programs, co-creating a bi-partisan Toys for Tots drive, doing career readiness and mock interviews for high school students, and many literacy based programs. When not working, volunteering, or advocating for conservative causes, Julian enjoys attending sporting events with his friends and family.

Julian graduates
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Becoming A Republican

Growing up, Julian thought he was a Democrat just like his mom was. They would frequently discuss politics and as Julian got older, those discussions would turn into debates. In 2002, during one of those spirited debates (this one on the issue of abortion), Julian’s mom quipped that he “sounded like a Republican.” Wanting to prove her wrong, he went to the library to research the two parties. To Julian’s shock, his mother was right, he sounded like a Republican because he was. That day he stopped by the GOP headquarters, joined the party, and bought a button that he’d wear to his mom’s house to tell her the news.

Like many conservatives, Julian first got involved by making phone calls and knocking on doors. His fellow grassroots Republicans expressed their confidence in his abilities by voting him into positions of leadership. He served as a county chairman, a district vice-chairman, and, in 2015, as chairman of the Republican State Convention. In these roles, Julian worked to elect conservative candidates by raising money, organizing events, and advocating for the party grassroots on the Republican State Executive Committee.

Milwaukee Police Academy

As Your State Senator:

Julian has made public safety his top priority as your State Senator. He authored bills to increase bail for violent and repeat offenders and to reform the parole commission to protect victims and get violent criminals off the street. He has been recognized for his efforts by the Milwaukee Police Association when they named him their Legislator of the Year in 2022.

In 2023, Julian graduated from the Franklin Citizen’s Police Academy. This 10 week program gives citizens a chance to get an up close and personal look at the work done by the men and women that serve and protect and our community.

Franklin Academy