Respect for the dignity of all life was the issue that brought me to the Republican Party. When my mother told me that I sounded like a Republican, I began looking into the party platform, and realized I’d found my political home.

As a state and as a nation, we need to uphold a culture that understands that “liberty and the pursuit of happiness” cannot be guaranteed if we don’t first guarantee the right to life. I firmly believe in the sanctity of life and that a person’s civil rights extend from conception to natural death.

I believe that Wisconsinites should not have to ask permission from the government to uphold the right to keep and bear arms: the Constitution is the only document we need. 

Unfortunately, our Governor doesn’t seem to see it that way. Instead, he tried to introduce a red flag law that would have taken away due process rights when the government wanted to take away a person’s guns. We don’t know what the Left will come up with next, but I will act as a tireless defender of our Second Amendment rights in the Senate.

On September 21st I proudly accepted the endorsement of the NRA, with an AQ rating – the highest rating a candidate can receive without a voting record.

Press Release: NRA Endorses Julian Bradley for State Senate

No one should have to live in fear. I will support legislation that takes dangerous criminals off the street, keeps our community safe, and gives a voice to victims.

On September 28th I was endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association. It’s an honor to have the support of the men and women who are sworn to serve and protect our communities.

From the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, it was clear that Governor Evers was picking and choosing winners and losers almost at random, with no understandable reasoning behind which businesses he closed and which he allowed to stay open. One person should never have the power to shut down the entire state’s economy unilaterally. And with the economy in flames, people who dedicated their lives to building a family business are now waiting weeks or months for unemployment.

As a manager, business continuity planning is one of my primary functions to ensure that my company is prepared to adapt in the face of a pandemic. The state needs a plan for addressing crises without destroying the livelihoods of our families and neighbors. We need to hold government accountable, instead of paying bureaucrats to stay home while taxpayers are hurting.

Over eight years, Governor Walker did an incredible job lowering the tax burden in our state, including getting rid of the state property tax. He endorsed me because he knows I will fight to continue that legacy.

High taxes kill growth and strangle the kind of small business innovation that is the bedrock of our state. Now more than ever, we will need strong leaders in the Senate to stand up against Democrat tax hikes, and I will continue to fight for tax cuts that keep our state strong.

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and we must ensure that one person one vote remains the law of the land. Scott Walker signed the Voter ID law that has been protecting our rights and keeping our elections fair. But Democrats are still trying to overturn this law and go back to a broken system. I will stand strong to ensure that every Wisconsinite knows their vote counts.

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