Julian Bradley for Secretary of State
Why Vote For Julian?

Wisconsin truly is a great state. Traveling all around the state over the past two years, first for my Shattering Stereotypes speaking tour and since January in our campaign for Secretary of State, I've seen the energetic spirit that inspires our motto, "Forward," in all corners of Wisconsin.

I'm running because we have a great opportunity to get more value out of an important office. It's time we reform, restore, and rebuild the office of Secretary of State. It's time we revitalize this important role. Wisconsin has never settled for the bare minimum.

With two historic victories in the rearview mirrors, I'm asking you to stand with me as we go for one more.


About Julian

Julian Bradley, 33, is the Republican Party of Wisconsin endorsed candidate for Secretary of State. He’s a conservative grassroots leader with an agenda to make the office better serve the people of Wisconsin.

He’s running because he believes the three-decade incumbent has squandered the respect the Secretary of State once had. He’ll reform the office with active and transparent leadership, restore lost duties and trust, and rebuild bridges burned by the current occupant.


Julian was born in Baltimore on February 11, 1981. At the age of 11 he and his mom moved to La Crosse; Julian graduated from Central High School in 1999. Inspired by his mother’s energetic example, he studied political science at Temple University and later at UW-La Crosse.

Julian’s mother, a staunch Democrat, often discussed politics with him. After a particularly spirited debate, which concluded with his mom telling him he sounded like a Republican, Julian did some research and found that she was right. Julian realized his pragmatic, conservative values were better suited for the Republican Party. He joined the La Crosse GOP in 2002.

Since then he’s become a conservative grassroots leader in Wisconsin. He ran for the Wisconsin Assembly in 2010, chaired the Republican Party of La Crosse County, and won election in 2013 as vice chairman of the 3rd District Republican Party, which spans 18 counties in western and central Wisconsin. He is also on the Wisconsin GOP’s executive committee.

In 2013 Julian began touring the state on his “Shattering Stereotypes” speaking tour, sharing his story of being a black Republican and former Democrat rising through the ranks in Wisconsin politics. He received Charlie Sykes’ Right Wisconsin Grassroots Activist of the Year award for 2013.

In addition to the many hats he’s worn in Wisconsin politics, Julian is a manager with a major telecommunications company in La Crosse, where he’s worked for nearly 10 years.
It's Time to Elect Julian Bradley
Stand with Julian and your support for accountable, sensible government and conservative policies that protect the rights of hard-working Wisconsin citizens.


Julian will reform the position by running an active and transparent office.


He’ll restore the office by not only returning duties to the position, but by restoring faith in it as well.


Julian will rebuild the bridges burned over 30 years of Doug La Follette’s absentee administration by once again developing a working relationship with the state’s legislature and executive branch.