Radical Behavior Destroying Our Communities Must End

Radical Behavior Destroying Our Communities Must End

Every night, leftist demands dominate the news cycle. They demand we defund the police. They demand that law enforcement stand down. They demand that criminal justice standards be gutted in the name of “equality.”

Commonsense voices from those who fight for law and order are silenced by a complicit media. Voices like now former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales who dared to do what was necessary to keep the City of Milwaukee safe. As a thank you, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission took the embarrassingly political and cowardly action of demoting Chief Morales. I stand with Chief Morales and thank him for his exemplary service.

Non-stop rhetoric broadcast by the media has emboldened the mob to take matters into their own hands. This past weekend, a mob assembled, shots were fired, and Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah — a black man — was assaulted at his home. The mob chanted “Black Lives Matter” while showing no regard for the black lives that were present, including two children.

Officer Mensah and Chief Morales deserve better from the communities they have fought to protect.

We must not let these extreme voices drown out sound judgment. Wisconsin needs leaders in government who will stand up to the garbage. Leaders who have the courage to do what’s right for our families. We cannot tolerate feel-good politics and must begin prioritizing the safety of all of Wisconsin’s residents.

The media wants you to think that my views are radical — that a black man who supports law enforcement is an anomaly. But that’s a lie. In a recent Gallup poll, 61 percent of black Americans want the police presence in their communities to stay the same. Of course, some in the media will not report that or amplify our voices. Reporting the facts is not “woke” or “sexy” enough and doesn’t fit their narrative.

Wisconsin cannot afford to enact policies that dish out “get out of jail free” cards to those who have no regard for our laws. We must ask ourselves: Who ultimately pays the price when the early release of a robber, murderer, or rapist goes awry? Who suffers when we fail to treat probation violations seriously? And who do we allow to become victims when we ignore the criminal conduct of looters or the mob?

I support allowing non-violent offenders to earn a second chance, but offering 3rd, 4th, and 5th chances is not in the best interest of our community. Justice must be equal and impartial.

So, what happens now? When communities are in lawless ruin, who do we call — social workers like those who attacked a state senator? I doubt the social justice warriors will assist in establishing order amid the mayhem. Instead, they’ll blame society for violent repeat offenders and force those of us who follow the law to abide by their immoral code and release criminals without consequence.

We must begin taking back our cities. These failed policies produce desolate downtowns littered with graffiti, shattered glass, and broken dreams — the last remnants of a formerly thriving economy. When we fail to arrest those who loot, burn, and destroy small businesses, we send the message that criminal behavior is acceptable. It isn’t.

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