Public Safety

The top priority of any government is to protect its citizens. I will continue to fight for the men and women who serve and protect us. We must DEFEND law enforcement, and ensure that criminals know there are consequences to their actions.


Every single child in this state deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their zip code. Now more than ever, we’ve seen the need to fully fund and expand choice and charter schools and for increased curriculum transparency.

Tax Relief

In my very first budget, I was able to vote for the largest tax cut in state history. I’ve continued to push for the elimination of the archaic personal property tax as well as the phasing in of a flat tax. You know how to spend your money much better than the government does.


From daycares to funeral homes and every industry in between, we have a severe workforce shortage. Our state licensing agency has failed through massive backlogs and delays. My office has assisted countless people in getting their licenses and I will keep working to not only reform DSPS but to hold them accountable.


The rising costs of healthcare of impacted every Wisconsinite yet the conversation always goes to who should pay for it, rather than how can we save. I was proud to co-author healthcare transparency legislation (insert link) which ensures we have the ability to see how much each provider is charging so we can make an informed decision.

Government Overreach

In my first month on the job, I co-authored the resolution that reopened our state and economy from the Evers lockdowns. I’m a co-sponsor of the constitutional amendment that ensures the government isn’t able to shut down houses of worship.

Protecting Life

I will continue to fight to protect life, from conception to natural death. Being pro-life doesn’t just mean being pro-birth. We need to ensure great resources for new and expecting mothers, like those provided by Pregnancy Resource Centers, are funded.

2nd Amendment

The far left often wants to blame gun owners and manufacturers for the crime we see. I will continue to fight to lock up criminals and keep guns out of their hands so that law abiding gun owners can protect their families without further infringement.


The right to vote is among the most important rights that we have. We must protect that right by ensuring Voter ID is not overturned and that the playing field is equal. It should be easy to vote but hard to cheat.