Evers Picks Winners and Losers, Fails Another Leadership Test

Bradley: "Evers Picks Winners and Losers, Fails Another Leadership Test.

FRANKLIN, Wis. – Last week, Wisconsin’s sportsmen and women were singled out by Governor Evers and his administration for further mistreatment as the Department of Natural Resources declared it would cancel all in- person recreational safety classes this summer. Boating, Snowmobile, ATV, Hunting, Internet Field Days, and Bowhunting courses were all negatively impacted by the sweeping edict.

This decision ignores Wisconsin’s rich outdoor traditions and the men and women who value outdoor recreation. The Governor’s own Public Health Emergency rules currently allow outdoor gatherings of fewer than 50 people. There is no question that classes could be safely and responsibly taught outdoors.

“Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, Governor Evers has had a disturbing habit of picking winners and losers,” said Julian Bradley, Republican candidate for the 28th Senate District. “Once again, the Governor has created chaos by imposing and enforcing rules differently across the state.”

Bradley went on to note that leadership means finding solutions and creating a fair playing field for all – something the Governor clearly has a hard time doing.

“The Governor needs to take a lesson from conservatives,” said Bradley. “We deserve a government that engages local stakeholders and respects local control. There is no reason the DNR could not have worked with local outdoor groups to find effective ways to keep classes going this summer; sadly, they refused.”

Bradley is running for the State Senate to give conservatives a voice and a vote to keep Governor Evers in check.

“I have been outspoken on the administration’s failure to distinguish between responsible protest and lawless looting. Once again, the Governor has taken a one size fits all approach that allows too many people to slip through the cracks.”

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